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WordPress 101: Cloud Computing Technology Can Improve Your WordPress Website

WordPress is a great platform for business owners, being able to create a professional website without needing to be an expert website developer or proficient in HTML/CSS or PHP coding. The content management system (CMS) provides a myriad of themes and plugins that extend the use of the platform from a simple blogging site to […]

How to Budget and Save Money in Less Than 30 Minutes

For most who are currently struggling with their everyday financial needs, budgeting is generally an unavoidable scenario. However, don’t panic. There are certain ways to make budgeting fun, effective, and painless, without it really affecting your everyday lifestyle by much. When it comes to budgeting, it is all about thinking critically about ways you can save money and conserving on existing […]

How to choose the best WordPress hosting services?

We chose the best WordPress hosting plans according to our deeply review on them based on pricing, features, usability, reliability, performance, customer service and reputation. Pricing Pricing is always one of the most factors webmasters value when they choose a WordPress hosting solution. However, the sticker price does not tell the full story because there are […]

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