Best Dedicated Hosting and Server Providers

Dedicated hosting is simply, take rent a physical server which is in a provider’s data center and it can be used by yourself only.This dedicated hosting is more similar to the Virtual Private Server (VPS) but there is a main difference between them and that is dedicated servers can get the access to more RAM comparing with the VPS servers.

This dedicated servers are totally isolated with one another. So It gives you the freedom to identify the most suitable servers that matching with what you prefer.

Other benefits are listed as full-access control,complete privacy and It is guaranteed the server resources according to your activity on hosting plan.Then this dedicated servers’ performance great at keeping the website stable and also predictable.

The dedicated hosting is a definite option to the people who need to host for high traffic websites.

To rate the dedicated hosting providers on the our list we mainly focused about the below points throughout the review process.

  • features which included with the base plan
  • uptime and the speed performance
  • pricing structure
  • customer support experience

Here we go to the best dedicated hosting options as we rated.

The best 9 Dedicated Hosting Services

    1.  Liquid web-Fastest Dedicated Servers

  • Fastest  load time (∼360ms)
  • Powerful servers (32GB RAM)
  • RAID 1 storage
  • Data centers in the US and EU
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • 24/7 excellent support (under 1 minute)
  • cPanel costs extra
  • Limited Bandwidth (5TB)

This Liquid Web provides authentic and very quick dedicating hosting service.It supplies with powerful servers and loads of useful features to take your website to the top of high performance.

This web has data centers in US and EU.So this data centers supply a very stable connection for users in both regions.The speed is an average of ∼360 ms .Hence It is the fastest speed with measured values compared to the others in the list and the uptime value is also a perfect value with a percentage of 99.99% and there were only 2 minutes of downtime in the last two months. 

The liquid web provides dedicated servers along with the both Linux and Windows configurations.But you should be ready to prepare to pay extra for the Windows because It is a standard.However you can gain access to the Plesk, cPanel, WHm, and Interworx control panels as well you can buy the license separately through your control panel.

In the beginning you can face a huge benefit and that is 32GB of RAM and a 3.9GHz processor with 4 CPU cores .The disk space with the reasonable plan is not much effective with 480GB.But default SSD disk builds up it considering the speed.However you are free to enlarge the disk space at the time you want it much bigger.And also you can gain a reasonable plan included with a single dedicated IP.But in this case you are restricted to a limit of 5TB of Bandwidth when you transfer data.Therefore this is well prefer for small or medium-sized businesses.

Here the main features are categorized as root and SSH access, real-time monitoring, standard DDoS protection and software RAID 1 with a 1TB single SATA HDD Backup.There is an another advatage and that is the CloudFlare CDN up the boost speed when returning visitors.


24/7 phone and a chat support is also provided by the Liquid web in every plan.If we reached out from their service then they guarantee a 59-second initial response.In a few minutes the following questions will ask after the response. This support is full of good knowledge about the procedure of everything.Like what is the best hosting solution in your project and also about the dedicated hosting plans.

So this is very helpful to you and it consists with fastness and polite to your questions and support with the best answers.


The prices start from $199 per month.And there is no any possibility for annual payments.Here the lowest prices are for the core managed or non managed plans.But monthly payments become more expensive because they charge extra amount ($35 per month) for cPanel license.

If you try to get the dedicated server in the EU pros is it has a higher rate but the con is lower performance on web servers when comparing with US plans.

Since every plans contain 100% upcoming guarantee it can trust but it does not refund money because they did not guarantee it.

To start, visit here

2.  InMotion Hosting-Dedicated Servers with Extra Security

  • Great loading time (∼460ms)    
  • Free cPanal and WHM
  • Free AutoSSL and APF firewall
  • Software RAID
  • 24/7 great customer support
  • 30 day full money back guarantee
  • Data centers in the US only
  • Limited bandwidth

InMotion provides a very good security to your websites against malware that comes under default method.Therefore they become one of the top best in our ratings.

But their servers found only in US.However their performance and uptime are superb.Their average speed was recorded as ∼460ms in the past two months with a near perfect uptime as 99.98%

This offers linux only.However they cPanel and WHM offer freely.They focused about your website development more by giving enough time instead of making up and downs.

InMotion dedicated plans start with 8GB of RAM and a decent 3.50GHz processor with 4 CPU cores.And space has two options mainly that you can decide what you have to be SSD (500GB) and HDD (1TB)  disks.

So better performances you can select the SSD option.So that you will get 5 dedicated IP Addresses with low price but this is limited for 6TB bandwidth.

It is very interesting when focusing to features of InMotion hosting.We talked about the cPanel benefit above,But you should know there are more advantages like you can have your standard root and SSH access, DDoS protection, and also the software RAID.

As well as you are lucky to get more advanced security to your project from malware with every dedicated servers.Those are a free AutoSSL and a preloaded APF firewall.The owners do automatic updates for your server as a responsibility of managing server plans.


InMotion provides a better 24/7 customer service to you through Skype,chat,email or over the phone.As well their response time for your questions is spectacular.The below figure shows how much they concern about the customer service to be effective and see how they respond to those questions quickly.

Overall they are the best when talking about the effective and fastest customer service.


The plan begins with $115.69 per month with an annually commitment.Or there is another option for you if you are flexible for monthly payment of $146.59 and the advantage is that you can get your money back if the service which they provide is not interested to you with a 30 day money pay back guarantee.

InMotion helps you to transfer your content with the zero downtime or help you to clear every set up questions.This is named as free 2-hour launch assistance.

InMotion guarantees the uptime as 99.99% with its dedicated hosting service.

To start, visit here 

3.  HostGator-Easy to Get Started

  • Free cPanel and Flesk
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited databases
  • RAID 1 storage
  • Automated updates
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Below average load time (∼1090ms)
  • Data centers in the US only                                                                                                        
  • High renewal prices ($189 per month)
  • No SSH access

HostGate is well known for useful features when considering as a web hosting company.They provide a well managed dedicating hosting solution with aggressive prices but after the initial period you should ready to pay more.

But HostGator has data centers only in the US.Since this is well organized web hosting provider we can expect high performance.But in past two months it was not happened.Because the average speed was only ∼1090ms. This value is much less than the others in the list when comparing speed values.The uptime was 99.86%. In the last two months they experienced two hours of downtime also.

HostGator supports to both Linux and Windows.These configurations can match your need correctly.You are free to access for both.cPanel and WHM comes with Linux.Plesk and WebMatrix comes with Windows.

It’s lowest price plan is 8GB of RAM and a 2.1GHz processor with 4 CPU Cores.You will get 1TB of HDD disk space.The only option is SSD disk but a with higher plan.You will have an unmetered bandwidth.Additionally 3 dedicated IP addresses with every plan.

Root access ,DDoS protection, RAID 1 storage,and IP based firewall are the main features.You are allowed to access unlimited databases.Also HostGator provides a well managed dedicating hosting solution.They are on the attention of your servers 24/7.Also provide Automated updates from the beginning.


HostGator support with 24/7 over the phone and also live chatting.But the customer service is not considerably good.

From the beginning  they are very helpful to answer our questions but when time goes they performed lack to answer other questions.

Totally they are not spectacular for customer service.But if you are connected to them continuously they will not let you miss from their connection.However this kind of service you are not expected when you are in search of best hosting service.


This hosting plan starts with the amount of $89.98 per month with with a three year commitment.This is rather bad with considering the value.However you have to pay a regular rate of $189 per month as the renewal period.

They allow you to pay monthly but it is quite expensive.The amount is $159.99 per month.But they do not provide any guarantee about refunding the money.So as a safety method you can just try one month trial. Then get to know very well and then you can decide you will be a longer customer or not.

To start, visit here

4.  Bluehost-Best for WorldWide Coverage

  • Free cPanel
  • Data centers in the US ,EU and Asia
  • RAID 1 storage
  • Average load time (∼720ms)
  • Free SSL
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Lowest disk space (500GB HDD)
  • Limited Bandwidth (5TB)
  • No DDoS Protection
  • Unreliable customer service

Bluehost is very beneficial to you when you pay attention for the money.However their service is not much stronger than others but you have the advantage of low cost charges.

Somehow they can do better service by enlarging their coverage. They cover all over the world including US,EU and Asia.So that their uptime becomes much perfect.It has 99.99%. And they got only one downtime during the last two months.In that time period they performed well and had a average speed of ∼720ms.

Bluehost only offer the service for Linux configuration.But as a help they add a free cPanel subscription.

Bluehost cheapest plan is not powerful but it contains 4GB RAM and 2.3GHz processor with 4 CPU cores.As well as you are allowed to get 500GB of Hard disk space.So with that storage they do not provide SSD disk since the above storage is not high.The bandwidth is 5TB.This is useful for small and medium size businesses.Additionally you can have 3 IP addresses along with the cheapest plan.

The main facilities that you can gain are root and SSH access and RAID 1 mirrored storage.By the help of free cPanel you will get a chance to have a free SSL certificate to reduce your cost.But they do not include the industry standards of DDoS protection.


This also support 24/7 service and also the chatting service.But after the first attempt,same day we tried to connect with them using live chatting.But we could not connect to them.So it may be failure of live chat software during our review.Then you may try to connect with direct call.

However the next day the service was superb,They contacted us properly and the representative helped very politely.The responses were very fast.Also they were very straight to the matter.That day they managed to keep a very good customer service.

As a result the live chatting failure the customer service become little bit worse.But except from that they managed it very well.


Their cheapest price plan begins with the amount of $79.99 per month.It has a three year commitment.Their low price trials included less facilities.But have higher power compared to others in the list.But you have to pay double as you wish to start from the monthly trial which is $149.99 cost per month.

They are offering 30 day money back guarantee with free domain name for your first year as working with them.

To start, visit here

5.  Dreamhost – Full-Managed Dedicated Hosting

  • In-house developed control panel
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Local MySQL Database server
  • RAID 1 storage
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Below average loading time (∼1120ms)
  • Data centers in the US only
  • Weak customer service

Even though this is quite older web hosting company this service is not out of date.Their service is well managed and dedicated hosting built-in control panel.Also have decent servers.It’s web server monitors your dedicated servers to make you comfortable when you use it.

When you want to make reduce the challenges when using servers Dreamhost is the best.Because it has very least amount of conflicts.

Unfortunately Data centers are only found in US.As well they did not perform well in the previous two months.The average speed only was ∼1120ms.This value is much differ from the others in the list.The uptime was 99.87%. The analysis shows they had a two hour downtime during the past two months.

This server also support only for Linux configuration.But you will be able to have the access for their easy to use built in panel which designed for Linux specifically.

Their cheapest plan is 4GB of RAM with 4 CPU cores.But it is not very much interesting.However in the beginning you are lucky to have a 1TB of HDD disk space with unlimited bandwidth.Also you will get one dedicated IP with above lowest plan.

This server offers many features.Root and SSH access,DDoS protection,RAID 1 storage, and 24/7 full monitoring are some of the facilities.If you use databases,then automatically you will get local MySQL database server in every plan.


DreamHost support their customers 24/7 always.But their live chatting is only between 5.30 A.M to 9.30 P.M pacific time for every 7 days in the week.

Except the live chat,you are supposed to go ahead the chat with creating a ticket or find solutions  with a robot.

Here we said that 24/7 support means really the ticket option,not the 24/7 customer service.

Unfortunately we have to claim that average customer service become more less compared to others in the list.


The plan is starting from $149 per month with one year commitment.But monthly starts from $169 per month.If you wish not to be long term partner so make sure there is not a great difference in between both trials.They have an in house developed panel.Therefore no any extra costs for control panels.

The basic plan comes with 4GB of RAM.If you want to make higher as 8GB of RAM start the plan with $189 per month.This is also valid for one year commitment.But this is more expensive compared with the basic plan.However the performance are strong with fully managed dedicated server.

Here every plan has 100% service level agreement with uptime guarantee.

To start, visit here

6.  A2 Hosting- Best for Unmanaged Servers

  • Unmanaged server options
  • Data centers in the US,EU,and Asia
  • RAID 1 storage
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Free site migration
  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Weaker servers
  • cPanel costs extra
  • Worst load time (∼1220ms)

A2 Hosting offers dedicated hosting plans including unmanaged and managed servers.This service valuable for because it decides what you need and then offer the suitable plan.If you wish to start unmanaged dedicated server, so you may focus on A2 Hosting.But you are free to choose managed servers more. Then you should better find another hosting plan.

A2 hosting data centers are similar to bluehost coverage.Those are US,EU,and Asia.Uptime is also perfect and that is 99.99%. They had only four minutes of downtime during the last two months.But in that time period the performance was not good.The load time was ∼1220ms.This is the worst value in our list.

A2 Hosting provides only Linux configuration.This is very helpful when you work with unmanaged plans and you have to choose your operating system to work on it.Unfortunately, there are no any control panel combined with unmanaged plan when compared to managed plan.

A2 Hosting plan offer a very good 8GB RAM but it has only 3.1GHz processor with 2 CPU cores.You will get 1TB of HDD disk space and also two dedicated IP addresses.But the bandwidth limited to 10TB for data transfers.This comes under the lowest price plan.

Main characteristics are industry-standard root and SSH access, DDoS protection,and RAID 1 storage for backups.If you require a CloudFlare CDN you will get it.This is a massive addition as an option to you.


A2 Hosting conducts 24/7 customer service but only with their managed dedicated hosting plans.This is cleared by the statement that they expect to customer to have web development and managing expertise with them.

Their customer supporting is much better since they took only few minutes to reply.Nevertheless  their contribution is very good because they know what they talk.Also they took more time to explain their service while answering the initial questions.

Finally we can conclude that A2 Hosting has a very good customer support and they are ready to help you at any time and provide solutions.


A2 Hosting offer their service for $99.59 per month as the lowest price.This has a one year commitment and an unmanaged dedicated server.But same plan for a month is $124.49.However you can have the cPanel control panel subscription included option for $39.95 per month.

If you think to have cPanel you may try to use their managed server plans.This starts at $129.30 per month and it consists with cPanel subscription.You can get a SSD disk with a lower volume.They offer 24/7 technical support and network monitoring.But you will miss the root access with lowest price plan.

The advantage is you have the anytime money-back guarantee with every plan.It has 99.9% uptime guarantee also.If you need to migrate your site then they do it for you free.

To visit, start here

7.  InterServer

  • Cheap
  • Good load time  (∼520ms)
  • Easily customizable
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • cPanel costs extra
  • Data centers in the US only
  • No default RAID 1 storage
  • Customer support could be better

InterServer provides their service to the dedicated servers for a wide range with low prices.The service is quite good and performs are better as they charge low prices for their service.

The data centers are only in the US.The load time average also performed well as ∼520ms.The uptime also good with 99.99% and is just 12 minutes outages.

InterServer supports for both Linux and Windows.But you must be ready to pay extra later. You can choose proper matching operating system for your server from many options.But control panel charges extra.If you need one then you can select from cPanel,WHM,Plesk,and DirectAdmin.

The cheapest plan offers at 8GB of RAM and a 3.2GHz processor with 4 CPU cores.There is an option to choose the storage in between 2TB of HDD or 250GB of SDD.The latter is quite fast but has a low volume.You can gain 5 IP addresses.But you will limit for a 10Tb of bandwidth.This is much enough for small to medium businesses.

The main facilities are standard root and SSH access,DDoS protection,and 24/7 server uptime monitoring.But there is no RAID 1 storage.If it includes it costs extra.


InterServer’s technical support is a 24/7 for their dedicated servers. They only support to you re installs and hardware issues only if you are buying a plan without a control panel.They support more if you have a control panel to repair any service that does not work properly.

They took few minutes to reply us and they responded straightforwardly.However their support representative helped us responding earlier with some questions that we have to ask again.

So They took more time time to answer all of our questions,besides that they could be better.


The cheapest plan does not include a control panel.But it costs $80 per month.As an example they charges extra $34 per month for cPanel access.However if you are best at command line interface.Then your money has a value for spending hosting options.

InterServer has 99.9% uptime guarantee for their dedicated hosting.According to statistic data they also uphold.

To start,visit here

8.  GoDaddy

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Good load time (∼530ms)                                          
  • Data centers in the US,EU,and Asia
  • RAID 1 storage
  • Free 1-year SSL certificate
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • High renewal cost ($174.99/mo)
  • cPanel costs extra (But it’s cheap)
  • Phone support only

GoDaddy also becomes the biggest brand in the world for web hosting.They offer authentic service for specially in dedicated hosting.Their marketing is very high standard.But you have to be aware of their costs.Specially renewal and additional costs details are hidden in their plans.

US, EU, and all over Asia they widely service.So it helps to cover more and more.They had a vey good uptime.It is 99.98%. Past two months they could record downtime as just 17 minutes  only.Since few months loading time also ∼530ms only.So the overall performance can take as quite good.

Here this service opens for both Linux and Windows.So that is clear why they charges more.However, they do not include control panel along with their plans.But you are free to add subscription of cPanel and Plesk.

4GB RAM and a 3.1 GHz processor with 4 CPU cores, is the cheapest plan.You can have 1TB of HDD disk space.Unmetered bandwidth also. You should read the fine print first and do not try to violate their Hosting Agreement.You will get both 1 dedicated IP address and a self-managed plan.It will upgrade for 3 when you quit a managed plan.

The main features that you gain are standard root access (this offers only with the self managed plan) , DDoS protection, and RAID 1 storage as default. They conduct 24/7 uptime monitoring.Also provide free 1-year SSL certificate with every plan.


They have a well-managed 24/7 customer support.It is always over the phone.It can be extended with their managed dedicated plans.But they expect a web developer from you do by themselves.This is only for when you try to self-managed dedicated server.

Though they replied quickly for our questions,we had to try several times.Because they did not answer properly for the right question.We could see they tried to template answers.But eventually they did not succeeded.They failed when answering for non-conventional and follow-up questions.

They had a warm and friendly welcome always but failed in technical terms.


The cheapest plan is starting from $79.99 per month.This has a two year dedication also.But after the initial period this price will renew.That cost is $174.99 per month.However, you may prefer for monthly payment so then you can pay $159.99 for your plan.

There is another option to add a cPanel subscription with your dedicated server. This has a very low cost and it is $15 per month. when you move from self managed plan to the managed plan you will meet up more benefactions.Those are additional monitoring, updates and backups. So at the time you feel not comfortable about the process of server management, then we suggest add that option.

Remember that GoDaddy keep extend 99.99% uptime guarantee to every dedicated hosting plan.

To visit here

9.  Hostwinds

  • Cheap starting price
  • Highly customizable                                                                 
  • 8 dedicated IPs
  • Great support
  • cPanel costs extra
  • Below average load time (∼1120ms)
  • No default RAID storage
  • DDoS costs extra
  • Data centers in the US only

Hostwinds provides a budget dedicated hosting plan.It helps you to manage as your wish. But low cost features are missing that others included as default.The lowest cost is a reflection of the performance.

The data centers are in US, Dallas, and Seattle.The past two months had the uptime as 99.99%.Also one minute of downtime.But their performance not showed well.The average load time also recorded as ∼1120ms.This value is lower than the industry standard.

This service also provides you both Linux and Windows configuration. So you may choose what suits best for you. The plan is not having a control panel.But you can subscribe to any of the packages.Like cPanel,Plesk, or CWP through hostwinds.However, you have to pay extra charge for all of these.

The lowest cost plan containing 8GB of RAM and a 3.5GHz processor with 4 CPU cores.You will obtain 1TB of HDD disk space.Also you will meet up 8 dedicated IP addresses.But for data transferring,you can only have 10TB of bandwidth.

Main features are not much enough as default service.But you can get separately by spending some money.Root access  service is possible to you.But the default RAID storage is not included.So you may choose additional disk for another extra money. DDoS protection and 24/7 monitoring offered.But you have to pay extra $50 and $2 per month respectively.The other option is cloud backups.This charges $1 per month.


With every plan they offer customer support through phone,chatting or ticket system.Their response time is top-notch.So we can conclude their service is much better. Because their representatives are very helpful to support and answer every question.

They answer very direct.But do not hesitate.They give the full details that you really seek from them.This experience made us happy and extremely enjoyable.

Hence their customer service is very professional and they provided standard service.


The cheapest plan starts with the amount of $79.50 per month.But this does not include any long term commitment.They also do not provide control panel with their plans.But they offer it through Hostwinds.This will charge by them.As an example,cPanel subscription is $35 per month.

If you need other features like DDoS protection,RAID storage,24/7 monitoring and cPanel you may start with $175 per month trial.

Hostwinds provides 99.99% uptime guarantee also.

To start, visit here

Dedicated hosting servers provides a massive and unique service.Because high server performance and speeds need to your websites.Those befits match for small to medium sized businesses.Especially from high quality photography blogs and reseller websites.

The cost of gaining dedicated servers is higher compared to other hosting types.You will get total privacy.You do not need to invest owning your servers.Especially as small sized medium sized businesses.However,guarantee will meet up you.

The main difference is that you are totally free to choose your plan.Fully-managed and Unmanaged service are included and in between them.

Best Dedicated Hosting and Server Providers

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