Five Mistakes That Undermine a Company’s Success

Employees well being, and positive, motivated attitudes, have a tremendous impact on the success of any company. These factors cannot be ignored when considering improvements involving profits and productivity. The following are the top five mistakes a company may make regarding its employees. Making these mistakes causes companies to lose in productivity, money and profits.

Lack of recognition
It is human nature to desire recognition for a job well done. When an employee works hard to give quality service to an employer, and those efforts appear to be unnoticed, there is little motivation to continue offering the same level of effort.

Employee awards, in the form of both verbal praise and plaques, or other forms of public acknowledgement, prevent a feeling of futility or discouragement in the hard working employee.

Poor benefits
Health insurance and other benefits promoting employee fitness, and well being are not simply nice perks that a benevolent employer hands out to workers. Good health benefits and company programs designed to keep workers healthy can mean fewer sick days, and less loss of productivity. In addition, good health benefits impart the sense that a company cares. Remove these benefits, and you remove one important motivating factor.

Lack of tangible rewards
Tangible rewards, such as extra vacation days, gift certificates, valuable or interesting keepsake items, give employees something extra to shoot for, in addition to the paycheck. Companies that forsake tangible rewards miss the extra effort employees will go to in order to achieve perks. If you are unsure how to offer rewards, or what kind may be appropriate for your company, consult a business such as O.C. Tanner. This company helps companies like yours set up positive, effective rewards programs.

Lack of communication
When an employee does not understand exactly what the company wants of him and his questions are ignored, it is a loss to the company. There must be a clear and efficient path of communication. All employees should understand deadlines and goals as well as what his or her particular position is regarding those goals. A lack of communication leads to a lot of lost time and productivity, as well as a loss of morale.

Poor team leadership
Team leaders must be able to motivate the team positively. Absentee leaders who retreat into their own office and avoid interaction, give the message that the team does not really matter. This does not mean that upper management must look over employees shoulders all the time, that is rarely appropriate. However, employees respect a boss who is willing to get his hands dirty, figuratively or literally. Get to know your team, know their needs, and work with them.

Five Mistakes That Undermine a Company’s Success

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