How to save energy in the office

Offices are full of essential powered equipment, appliances and machines. However, these electronics are energy eating robots. Computers, printers, shredders, copiers, coffee machines, lights, heating… The list is endless. All these electronics use energy, which can be very pricey and bad for the environment.  However, there are very simple ways to reduce the amount of energy that is used in the office. By following these guidelines and encouraging the staff, money can be saved in the office by becoming more efficient and lower your carbon footprint.


Energy saving lightbulbs

Sold alongside regular light bulbs, energy saving light bulbs are widely available and are not harder to install. These bulbs are massive money and energy savers! Not only are they a similar price to regular light bulbs, but they will last for a longer period of time. They take a few seconds longer to fully light up, but the energy saved makes it worthwhile. Install these bulbs into all the lamps and lights in the office to become more efficient and energy saving.

Lights should also only be placed where necessary. For offices that only run between the hours of nine to five in the day, table lamps and lights beside windows are sometimes not necessary. Putting electronic lights where natural light can already be found is a big waste of electricity in the office. This should be avoided where possible. If you have an unnecessary lamp or light in your office, turn it off or unplug it and encourage others to do the same.

Sensory lights

Sensory lights should be used to light areas like quiet hallways, storerooms and bathrooms. These lights come on when movement is detected, so when someone is walking in the room, the lights will be on, but if no movement is detected for a certain amount of time, the light will go off. There is no negative aspect about these lights, they suit offices perfectly and will save a ton of energy. The can be used in any building, including the home.


Auto shut off features

Electronics can sometimes be left on overnight, entire weekends or even holiday periods. Even when on standby mode, machines are still using up unnecessary energy. This is a massive waste of energy! Installing auto shut off features to machines like computers, printers and scanners will save almost half the energy used in the office. It will save largely on electricity bills, will be a lot more energy efficient and will give the machine a longer lasting life. There is no down side to auto shut off features!


Timer plugs

Timer plugs are so useful and they allow you to save energy anywhere, not only in the office! Simply attach the plug to a lamp, water cooler, air fan or screen and you can safely forget about the appliance and set the times you want it to be on. It will switch off as you have set it to. These dependable plugs will allow the employees of the office to forget to turn things off, without the consequences.


Timed heaters

It is a shame and a waste to have heaters on during the weekend when the office building is unoccupied. Ensure that heaters are completely turned off during the weekend days, they can be timed to switch back on early on Monday morning when the staff return to work. They won’t feel the different, but your electricity bill and conscience will!

Another tip is to always make sure that the temperature of heaters are turned down in the summer months. Windows will be opened if the temperature is too high in the office, and this is a massive waste! Make sure windows are closed to keep the heat in, or turn down the radiators if the temperature is too high. Regulating the heat in the office will keep the staff happy and the electricity usage down.


Correct placing of furniture

Avoid wasting energy by placing radiators in empty corridors or storerooms. They will not be not be needed here and will use up unnecessary energy. Also ensure that furniture is not blocking the radiators. This will waste the heat from them and is very inefficient.

How to save energy in the office



Contact the office electricity providers

If it is essential that some electronic machines are left on overnight, remember that there are still some options. Be sure to contact your energy provider who should be able to provide you with the night rate of energy usage. This is a forgotten method of energy saving in some offices, and sometimes bills only include day time rates. Having your bill cut to the night rate can save up to 40 percent on your electricity bill. This is a not so obvious but obvious one!


Posters to encourage employees

Sometimes all it takes to save some energy is a bit of encouragement and a set goal. Put up posters and stickers that will be used to remind the employees to do what they can to save some energy. These stickers should read things like ‘Don’t forget – Switch me completely off’ or ‘Don’t leave me on standby!’. Awareness and reminder emails will also work in the same way. If a company want to create a goal in reducing their energy usage and waste, there are many competitions all over the world that staff can become involved in. The companies aim is to achieve an award or flag to state that they have put in sufficient effort to help save energy in the workplace.


Toilet electricity

A lot of electricity can be wasted in the bathrooms or the workplace. Taps can be left on for hours on end and electric heaters are a serious energy users. Install timed taps that go off after a number of seconds. They can be pushed any number of times but will not stay running throughout the day. Electric hand dryers can use a lot of energy, so where possible use recycled hand paper. If electronic hand dryers are essential, use timed ones that use as little energy as possible but still remain efficient.

How to save energy in the office

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