Types of Web Hosting services

Let’s find about web hosting services. Web hosting services are very important because the ultimate goal is to make a website host and make it popular. When selecting web hosting services, we have to do it very wisely. When talking about websites, there are different kinds of websites. These different websites serve different purposes. When selecting a web hosting service, this particular web hosting service should be able to fulfill our needs.

In the business world, there are many types of businesses, some businesses are done on a large scale, while some businesses are done in a small scale. There is a budget range which each of the businesses can afford for developing a particular website. Large businesses/companies can spend a lot of money on the website and on the other hand, small businesses won’t be able to spend that much of a high amount of money on websites. As I said before different websites serve different purposes. All these considerations should be taken into account when selecting a web hosting service for your website. Web hosting services provide various different options.

The hosting options which are available are;

  • Website builders
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Collocated hosting

Now you guys may be wondering what are these options do and how do they work. Don’t worry about it, I will explain each of these options briefly and clearly.

Website builders

The first option I’m going to explain is Website builders. What is the meaning of this? Who are website builders? I will answer all of your interesting questions. Just keep reading. The website builders option is one of the most important options which are available. This option is very important and a much-needed option for beginners. Here the people I specify as beginners are the people who are building a website for the first time in their life. This option will help you host your website. Not only this, but they will also provide all the interface and the tools which are required to build your own custom website. This interface will be provided to you as an online interface through the browser you use. An example of such a website builder Is Website.com You can go to the above website and build your own website according to your own design and make you website dream comes true.

Shared hosting

This is another option which is available. Basically in this hosting option, a shared server is used. That means your website and the other websites which are available will share the same server. This sharing of server mechanisms have advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the main advantages which this option provides is the low cost. When a server is shared among more than one website the cost will be low. Now you may be wondering how this happens.

Okay, I will explain how it happens. As you guys know, a certain amount of money needs to be spent on the server operation. If only one website uses this particular server, then that one website should spend all the required money which is needed for the server operation. But if more than one website shares this server, then the cost of server operation will get divided among different website owners, so the amount a particular website should spend will eventually get low. Now I’m going to move on to the disadvantages. As you guys think what disadvantages which are available in this option are. The main disadvantage is the slowness in speed. Since different websites use one server, the speed will get low.

Dedicated hosting.

Now I’m going to move on to dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting?, what is that?. OH!, don’t get confused. I will explain it to you. This is simply the opposite of Shared hosting. I hope you all read the part which explains about Shared hosting. As I mentioned in shared hosting, the same web server is shared among different websites. Then I stated that dedicated hosting is the opposite of shared memory. That means in Dedicated hosting one website is allocated for one web server. Here no sharing is done and the website can enjoy the server all the way it wants.

This too has advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantages and disadvantages are also simply the opposite of the advantages and disadvantages of Shared hosting. Here the performance is very fast because no server sharing is done. It has a one to one connection. The particular server serves only for this particular website which is assigned to it. Then what about the disadvantages? The disadvantage is the cost. Here the one website should bear all the server operating costs. Simply, I REPEAT AGAIN!. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF SHARED HOSTING.

Collocated hosting

Collocated hosting is the last hosting option type. Now you guys may be wondering what is collocate hosting?. Don’t panic, this is the last section. Keep reading.
When talking about this option type, this requires some money. The money is required because in this option you need to buy a particular web server. But don’t worry because this web server will be housed by the web hosting service provider. But there is a disadvantage of this option when comparing with other hosting types. The other hosting options will be responsible for the webserver. But in this case, you need to take the responsibility of the webserver. The web hosting service will not take responsibility for the webserver. But this option provides advantages that other options don’t provide. If you choose this option, you will have full control of the webserver. You can control it as you like. If you want you can add new applications. And scripts to the server.

This comes to the end of explaining the options which are available. I hope you all got an idea about how these different options work, what are the services each of these options provide and how do they differ from each other. Now it’s your chance to select the option you need and the type of web hosting service which suits the website you have and will be able to fulfill the website expectation you guys have.

Types of Web Hosting services

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