What I have learned from Blogging

You get some cool stuff!

I have gotten a few books to look over and read from people that read our blog, I have a review coming on one pretty soon so keep looking. I really love to read, so this has turned out as a great bonus to my blogging. I hope everyone will go out and look for these books when I post the review, because they were all excellent.

I have even gotten invited to a few entrepreneurial conferences here in my home town from readers that have caught on. There is quite a thriving business scene here that I didn’t even know existed!

 How to write better

I will admit that my writing style leaves a lot to be desired, but I think I have made quite a few strides in my writing style over the past few months. I can confidently write and article now, and while not perfect I don’t feel as paralyzed looking at the screen than when I first started.

My idea’s seem to flow onto the page much easier and my structure has gotten better. I am always open to constructive criticism as far as my writing goes, and I would welcome and tips that people have that could help me improve. And I promise my writing style will continue to evolve in the future.

 Social networking is very important

Had no clue what twitter was when I first started blogging, now it is a very important part of my day. Having a connection with people that really want to see what you are up to is great! I also find it very enjoyable to wake up and first thing in the morning to see what articles people have posted and what they are doing. It is a great tool to drive traffic to your site, and to keep current on whats happening with your “followers”!

I still use facebook quite a bit to post my articles, it is quite the opposite from twitter for me. I am introducing my articles to friends I haven’t seen for awhile or people I know that normally wouldn’t have followed a site like YGG. I have picked up a few subscribers and visitors from friends that actually took in interest in what we were writing about. Great to get them involved as well!

What social networking sites do you use that I have missed?


I am sure I will learn a lot more in the future, and at that time I will revisit this article and add to it. But this is an accurate snapshot of what I have learned over the past seven months, I hope you enjoyed it!

What I have learned from Blogging

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