5 Best Free Firewall Programs for Mac

Firewall software is primarily a security measure, forming a virtual checkpoint to protect computers and network devices from attack as well as helping you to monitor the activity on your network. Therefore, setting up a firewall program on computers is extremely vital, and you should choose carefully to have the most suitable version. However, not all paid firewall tools are great, so we have researched and provided this top 5 best free firewall programs that are highly recommended.

1. Comodo Firewall 

The first name on teh list of top best free firewall programs is Comodo as it is on the top of leading antivirus companies in the world, with their widely used antivirus software and years of knowledge when it owns one of the topnotch network defense and proactive defense features against malicious attacks.

Comodo Firewall provides a wide range of special features such as custom DNS servers, an ad blocker, virtual Internet browsing, a Game Mode, and a Virtual Kiosk  to easily block any program from leaving/entering the network.

We can surf webs easily and safely by one-click access to sandboxed versions of Chrome, Firefox and Comodo Browser.

Controlling permissions for different networks and creating rules for specific programs are also easy with Comodo Firewall by Viruscope monitoring.

Rating Scan” option is a key point that Comodo offers users to scan all running processes to show how trustworthy they are, which is useful if we notice some kind of malware.

“Comodo KillSwitch” is an advanced portion of Comodo Firewall that lists all running processes and makes it a breeze to terminate or block anything annoying or observes all computer’s running applications and services from this window.

2. AVS Firewall 

AVS Firewall is also one of the most popular and free firewall programs due to its friendly and user-friendly interface.

AVS Firewall protects our computer from malicious advertisements, registry changes, pop-up windows, or banners. We can even customize the URLs that should be blocked for ads.

We can add ports, specific IP addresses or programs manually or browse through a list of running processes to choose one from there.

Parent Control” is a great option, which only allows access to an explicit list of websites, so we can set our password to protect this section of AVS Firewall to avoid unauthorized changes.

We can easily browse and see what connections were established because the history of network connections is available on the “Journal”.

3. Private Firewall 

Privatefirewall is known as a multi-layered endpoint security software that can protect 32 and 64 bit Windows desktops and servers from malware and unauthorized use.

URL filtering , personal firewall, anti-logger, packet inspection, process monitor, and application behavior modeling as well as anomaly detection components will prevent hackers or viruses and other forms of malware before causing damage.

Three profiles in an exceptionally simple user interface in Privatefirewall will allow easy switching between unique settings and firewall rules.

Applications detected or blocked are easy to recognize and remove. New applications are also easy to be added to the list.

Defining whether to allow or block the process to open threads, monitor clipboard content, initiate a shutdown/logoff, set hooks, copy screen content, or debug processes, and many others is a advanced setting.

By right-clicking the icon for Privatefirewall in the taskbar, you can quickly block or filter traffic without any prompts or extra buttons, which can stop all network activity at once.

Privatefirewall also functions effectively in restricting outbound email, blocking specific IP addresses, denying access to a network, and disabling access to custom websites.


TinyWall is also a highly recommended free firewall program that can protect our computers without displaying tons of notifications.

“Scanner” application in TinyWall can scan your computer for programs for the safe list. We can also choose a file, process or service manually and give it permanent or for a-specified-number-of-hours firewall permission.

TinyWall can be run in “Autolearn mode to know which programs can be added to network access, then shutdown the mode to quickly and put all your trusted programs on the safe list.

Connections monitor shows all the active processes. By right-clicking one of these connections, we can abruptly terminate the process or even send it to VirusTotal, among other options, for an online virus scan.

TinyWall also blocks known locations harboring viruses as well as protects changes made to Windows Firewall. They can be password protected, or locked down the hosts file from unwanted changes.

5. ZoneAlarm Free FireWall:

ZoneAlarm is also a best free firewall program providing real-time protection. It makes ports invisible by setting them in stealth mode and stops inbound and outbound attacks as well as manages program access to the internet.

It possesses key features to be the best firewall replacement for the default Microsoft Windows Firewall.

Basic firewall protection and Advanced Identity Protection and Online Backup to keep your data safe are available.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall may lock the hosts file to avoid malicious changes, enter into “Game Mode to manage notifications automatically for less inconvenience, prevent unauthorized changes by passport protect, and especially email us with security status reports.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall can also be taken advantages to adjust the security mode of public and private networks with a slider setting easily and quickly: from no firewall protection to medium or high, to adjust whether or no one on the network can connect, and to allow restricting files and printer sharing for the network.

5 Best Free Firewall Programs for Mac

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