Top 5 Outstanding Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate an extra income, simply from promoting products and services online even when we don’t have any of them. In Affiliate marketing, conversion is the key – we engage and encourage our visitors to buy the product via our affiliate link.

The earning potential in affiliate marketing is massive, just depending on your attempt to advertise it – so if you are willing to put in the hard work to improve your marketing strategies. Alongside making sure you are providing your customers all the important information about the product they need, you also need to track its growth and analyse statistics in order to improve your sales tactics. It is called affiliate tracking and in this article I would like to introduce top 5 most outstanding Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms that are widely used and extremely effective.

What is Affiliate Tracking?

The best way for marketers to understand their affiliate campaigns is to integrate tracking services that will allow them to interpret and analyse the performance data. Most tracking software can show some information such as visitors IP address, country, operating system, the time when the conversion took place and much more, which will be the best clues to optimise our campaigns to help generate the most revenue from our marketing efforts.

Actually, Affiliate marketing is perfect to generate potentially huge commissions but you must remember to provide time to track the Affiliate marketing products otherwise, there is a high possibility your earnings will come down. And here are top 5 recommended:

1. HasOffers

HasOffers by Tune is one of the leading affiliate tracking software built with a distributed cloud infrastructure, currently holding over 11,500 online businesses. It becomes extremely popular over the years as they offer a huge array of integration options with various types of third-party software’s. So we can easily connect it with our favourite CRM or shopping cart, and especially integrate popular apps such as Google checkout and Shopify, which is ideal for any e-commerce business.

Setting up and running Hasoffers is simple as the system offers an easy to understand interface which allows users to get their campaigns up and ready in minutes.

What makes HasOffers so unique is enabling users to create their own custom platform using API technology, of course, we would need to know a thing or two about APIs for us to fully benefit from this package with the freedom to users to create their own solution for their campaigns.


  • Professionally driven analytics tool with over 25 billion events tracked
  • Robust platform comprehensive API
  • Global Standard mobile performance
  • Powerful Real-time data
  • Superior measurement
  • Tracking Uptime is 99.99%
  • Track metrics, platforms, devices and more
  • Build custom platforms
  • Best support

In brief, HasOffers is becoming a preferred choice in the Affiliate marketing industry, as they seem to accommodate a wide range of global brands and offer all the features we need to maintain a profitable affiliate marketing program.

Price: 3 SMB and enterprise pricing packages

  • Professional – $279/month (100 offers and unlimited users + 300,000 gross clicks/month + Limited API + Email support only + Publisher Interface + Mail Room access)
  • Enterprise – $799/month (Unlimited users and offers + 1 million gross clicks/month + Complete 2-way API + Phone/chat/email support + Publisher Interface + Mail Room access + Dedicated account manager + Fraud detection and alerts + International languages and currencies + Mobile device parameters)
  • Elite – by quote (Custom built for your needs + Infinite clicks/month + Custom API support and consultation + Premium support + Customer Success Executive + Complete feature access)


OMNISTAR is another well-known affiliate tracking software. Omnistar has been in this affiliate business for over 15years and served lots of customers worldwide with its unique and best affiliate tracking software. The Omnistar provides a stable tracking software which is easy to set up and also very easy to use and track the reports.

It has the easy payment gateway and also the shopping cart, Omnistar also connects our partners and customer through various social media networks and improved SEO standards. It also offers the best plan where we can select the best plan which suits us. OSI Affiliate offers some great tools for growing our business with referral marketing, they really do.

Their list of features includes the ability to create an affiliate program for both our online store and offline store, complete with fast and unlimited reward options for your product promoters. So this tool essentially helps to solve a number of problems straight away.

Also we can use ‘word of mouth marketing’ in OSI Affiliate to drive customers to our business, saving us tons of money on useless, ineffective advertising via all these useful tools: Social share widget, Feedback survey tools, Contest manager, Customizable coupons and discounts, Generate reports and performance stats, Email templates and others.


  • Simple setup and use for both online and offline store.
  • A wide range of promotional tools, including email templates, discount codes, and coupons.
  • Administration management tools.
  • Referral partner dashboard.
  • Commissions and payout options.
  • Around the clock support.

Price: 3 packages – 15-day Free Trial

  • Basic: $47/ month-> just $37.6/ month (20,000 tracking requests, 20 affiliate users, etc)
  • Professional (most popular package): $97/ month -> just $77.60/ month (500,000 tracking requests, 1,000 affiliate users…)
  • Premium: $247/ month -> just $197.60/month (1 million tracking requests, 5,000 affiliate users…)

3. IDev Affiliate

When the Affiliate Marketing turns to be a flourishing land, more and more people try to arrive in this field, but how to get it and how to figure out an effective affiliate tracking software is another question. IDevAffiliate should be also a feasible solution. It has been providing a robust and powerful affiliate tracking software for the last 15 years.

It is the best affiliate marketing software which provides the best affiliate program solution for affordable rates. We can easily track and monitor our performance with the affiliate tracking software feature in an iDev affiliate. It’s an inexpensive affiliate tracking software where a traditional affiliate marketer and small business owners can easily opt for their needs of activities.

IDev affiliate tracking software is offering its services to their customers for over 15 years, and they are the #1 selling affiliate tracking software product for small business.

IDev affiliate software is offering a broad range of features, which are the best in marketing, reporting and optimizing. It has a built-in security which provides the best protection from fraud preventions with a host of powerful marketing tools and options, a host of commissioning options and ability to structure payments for your affiliates, and a host of reporting tools and metrics, which enables to customize all kinds of templates, including sales and email templates.

iDevAffiliate also has built-in fraud protection tools. You can demo the admin center and affiliate control panel to see whether this software is something you’re looking for your business or not.

4. ShareASale

Shareasale has been around for the last 16 years or so. They are one of the most trusted affiliate tracking software platforms over the world.

Like most other affiliate tracking services, ShareASale supports the majority of publishing models, including regular content and video models. We can also expect your products to be promoted via email and PPC campaigns, across social channels and on mobile and desktop.

Tracking and reporting in ShareASale is reasonably straightforward and flexible. We will have access to real-time reporting and can group reports, products, or affiliates and continue to monitor those groups by assigning tags to each. If we operate more than one online store, we can connect them all under one reporting account at ShareASale but still maintain separate commissions and affiliate groups.

Shareasale currently has over 4,000 merchant programs registered. Their key network features include: Real-time tracking for banner clicks and sales, Segmentation to help you group your affiliates, Clickstream reports, Merchant API, especially we can access to:

  • Lots of Affiliate Programs to Choose: – Thanks to well over 3,900 available merchants spanning a wide range of categories, we can easily find an affiliate program to promote that is well suited to our website or blog. Whether we are writing about home and garden tips, fashion, business, arts, music, food and drink, or even weddings, we can definitely find a merchant that has the appropriate affiliate program that we can promote in order to monetize our site.
  • Easy to Use and Navigate: ShareASale has an aesthetically pleasing, functional and simple interface that can effortlessly glide us through everything after just a few minutes of exploring. Additionally, this user friendliness extends to their search functions as well, which allows us to quickly find specific merchants, categories, and more.
  • Solid Reporting Features: ShareASale has a bunch of tools for gene different reports that gives a well rounded look at how our campaigns are doing. Moreover, the affiliate marketing network also allows us to customized the reports in such a way that only our desired information is displayed.

Shareasale has quite a robust reputation online. It’s a trusted website, and its affiliate referral marketing platform is being used by many top companies today, such as StudioPress and CobaltApps.

Price: The monthly minimum fee only happens, if you fail to generate the minimum amount of $25 in total fees to Shareasale from sales and leads.

Setup Fee: There is also a one-time network access fee of $550, and minimum deposit amount of $100 required to get started with Shareasale.

5. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is regarded as one of the leading top affiliate tracking software platforms on the market by the trust of  over 2,700 companies worldwide.

As the best and easy way to track our affiliate program, Post Affiliate Pro can connect to over 170 CMS and best payment gateways. It is a powerful solution for online stores and eCommerce websites to track and monitor their affiliate network. Many businesses that offer online services and goods require affiliate marketers to help them drive customers to their websites and increase their sales.

With Post Affiliate Pro, managing affiliate marketers becomes a tad easier especially when the network becomes huge and their numbers grow.

Post Affiliate Pro also helps us to monitor our commissions payout. We only pay commissions to our affiliate marketers only when a purchase has been made and completed.

Also we can effectively manage and monitor our affiliate network’s performance and operations, accurately pay commissions to affiliate marketers directly involved with the sale, improve SEO with external affiliate links, scalability allows the application to grow with your business, and importantly, integrate easily with API.


  • Multilingual support.
  • Various t
  • Customizable affiliate interface.
  • Multiple Affiliate program administrators.
  • Various image Banners, text link banners, and flash banners.
  • Effective Tracking methods.
  • Affiliate link styles.
  • Forced Matrix.
  • Direct links tracking.
  • Fraud protection.
  • Trends reports.
  • Top Affiliates Report.
  • User Interface Features
  • Affiliate Features
  • Campaign Features
  • Promotional Materials
  • Tracking Features
  • Reports
  • Sale Integration Methods
  • Plug-ins
  • Multilingual Support
  • Multiple Merchants / Affiliate Program Administrators
  • Mass Payout of Affiliates
  • Performance Rewards
  • Action Commissions

Well depending on our scale, our purposes and mainly our finance, each affiliate tracking software will function effectively. In my opinion, Post Affiliate Pro should be the best solution for beginners or those who wish for affordable prices, but having full access to a wide range of services. That can be the main reason why Post Affiliate Pro seems to be the market leader on affiliate tracking software platform.

Top 5 Outstanding Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms

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