5 Easy Steps to Turn Your Passion into Your Job

Your hobbies are what you do naturally with love and passion which is a great starting point for a business. You already participate in your hobby, so you’ve already gained the necessary skills and knowledge within the niche. This is why it makes the best starting point for your start-up.

But how can you turn your passion into your dream job??

Before we begin the reality is not everyone’s passion can be a successful business. So it’s crucial you never follow your passion blindly. Always do the market research to see what the customer wants and make sure there is a market.  

I’ve listed how to get started on turning your passion into your job in 5 easy steps.

1.       List and Narrow Down

Start by making a list of everything you enjoy. Then narrow them down to be more specific.

If you love to exercise – write down what type of workouts you enjoy or which classes are your favorite.

If you enjoy art – write down your preference (portrait, street, abstract)

If you enjoy gardening – what do you enjoy planting and growing (vegetables, flowers?)

Write all your passions down no matter how many.

 2.       Meet the Competition

Once you have a list you need to find out if there is a market. The easiest and quickest method is to go to Amazon.com and type in your narrowed down hobby and look what kind of products appear.

If your passion is exercising which you’ve narrowed down to your favorite ‘cardio workouts’, type this into Amazon.com.

Amazon.com will list all the most popular products sold in this market. The most popular product sold today for ‘cardio workout’ is DVD’s.

The left hand side of your results shows all the Amazon departments containing products that are currently selling for ‘cardio workouts’. The departments start with the most popular at the top. I suggest choosing a product within the top 5 departments. The more departments the bigger the market is.

Today on Amazon, ‘cardio workout’ has 23 departments and the top 5 include…

  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Film and TV
  • Apps for Android
  • MP 3 Downloads
  • Books

Anything less than 10 departments is not a big enough market to start a business.

 3.       What Are You Happy to Do

Now you have the Amazon departments write down which department you feel capable to create a business from.

On Amazon today for the keywords ‘gardening vegetables’ there is a list of 27 departments. Best selling top 5 departments include…

  • Books
  • Kindle store
  • Gardening and Outdoors
  • Kitchen and Home
  • D.I.Y  and Tools

Can you write a book on gardening vegetables? Could you create a series of paid videos showing a D.I.Y version to grow veg? Could you create a website which sells the seeds for rare and unusual veg?

List what you want to do

4.       Is It Worth Your Time?

When listed what you want to do also list the cost on Amazon.com. Is the cost really worth your effort? If the bestselling department contains apps costing on average 79p for every download is that worth your time?

 5.       Don’t Spend Yet!

This is only the beginning to turn your passion into your job. There’s more research to do! Don’t start spending money on products and wild ideas.

Find more details here about finding the competition.

What I love best about turning your passion into a job is although the research gets frustrating, when you love the subject you’re always eager to learn and find out more information.

 Please use the comments section below if you have questions about…

  • Turning your passion into job or
  • If you need further help analyzing your Amazon results

All comments are appreciated!

5 Easy Steps to Turn Your Passion into Your Job

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