Best VPS Hosting For 2022

A virtual private server is what we call a server within a server. The hosting company splits the physical server into several separate virtual servers. If you’ll think of an apartment building, then shared hosting is an apartment, while VPS is the whole floor.

Why Use A VPS?

Most people use a shared hosting service and that’s perfectly fine. In short, shared hosting is sharing a server with other websites, because in reality, a small to medium sized website don’t consume resources to justify a VPS or Cloud hosting. The down side of it is that it’s less secure, but there are security solutions to overcome this issue.

There are several advantages of using a VPS to host your website or application. We will mention a few right now, but before that, we really recommend you to follow the best VPS hosting comapnies reviews we’ve listed above to find the right hosting company for you.

What is a VPS: VPS Explained

A VPS server cost more than shared hosting. Firstly, because we use more resources and that if a shared hosting server can server thousands of websites, usually VPS will host a couple of horehounds. Secondly, because of the extended features and control that VPS allows us to use and implement.

Root Access

On shared hosting, you have limited access, as other websites use the same hardware and software. So actions like installation of 3rd party software and applications, rebooting the server, upgrading it, etc, are in most cases limited to nonexisting. 

The structure of the VPS is what enables us to be in full control of the servers’  settings. The divide of the physical server is executed with the assist of a software utility that segments grasp hardware into smaller parts, thus allowing you to be the master of your domain.

Upgraded Server Security

A VPS gives you peace of mind to focus on what you do best and worry less about security. Its mostly based on the structure mentioned before, creating a barrier between your application and others on the physical server. And of course, root access enables you to add your own security measures such as 3rd party protection applications.


While on shared hosting you share the bandwidth and memory with other websites, on VPS you have your own virtual machine, and fewer websites on a physical server, leaving you with more space to grow. That and more, in most cases you can choose the hardware you want to host on, thus allowing you to choose a stronger server that can hold more traffic and data.

Speed & Performance

Virtual private servers usually host fewer websites and web applications than shared hosting servers. Fewer websites host, fewer resources used, more resources to you. Saying that you must choose your hardware wisely as poor quality hardware with minimum storage space, memory size, etc, means low performance.

5 Best VPS Hosting Providers – Reviewed

  1. Cloudways – Best managed VPS on your pick of cloud hosting provider
  2. Bluehost – The best bang for the buck
  3. Fastcomet – Reliable, cloud based VPS
  4. A2 Hosting – Your choice of managed VPS, managed VPS with root acess or unmanaged VPS

#1 – Cloudways

Cloudways is not you ordinary hosting company, delivering you services on their own servers or using private label servers to sel their services. What’s cool about Cloudways is that they are a cloud hosting management software that help you manage you cloud services on big names like; AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud and more.

We do most of our hosting with Cloudways and in fact, this website you’re on now is hosted on one of our many servers managed by Cloudways.

As you can see from the above screenshot, this is one of our account holding 2 servers in different locations and each host 12-13 websites.


  • Easy to use
  • Scalable
  • Real cloud solution
  • Affordable


  • No root access

Cloudways Summary

Best for companies need scaling but not serious DEV OPS. I would say that it best suites agencies and affiliate marketers.

Best VPS Hosting For 2022

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