Earning A Certificate is a Great Place to Start

Teens and adults seem to want to grow up entirely too fast. I remember the time in my life I thought I was ready to take on the world and was ready to make my mark. Many ions later I find that I was misled along the way. When speaking to the youth of America (I am an educator) I find it best to break it down into simple terms and hope they catch on and listen.

Going to college and earning a degree is recommended, but the truth is some young adults don’t have the desire to go to school for 4-6 more years. At 18 some are ready for a real job making real money. Without a degree that seems unrealistic which is why we see so many servers that are in their late 20’s? These kids were misled and found a career that provides a good income without formal education.

There is a better way to go. Earning a certificate of some sort is a quick way to start a career while giving you options to continue education later. Most times you can pick up right where you left off. There are many programs that fit this option.

Do you love the radio and dream of being a dj or broadcaster?! Check out a broadcasting school in your area. This is a program that can be completed within a year and a field that offers continuous growth. With an average starting pay around $25,000 this is a great opportunity to get on your feet as a young adult.

There are also options for more business related fields. HR Management Courses in Milwaukee at Cardinal Stritch University are ideal for someone who is interested in legal issues, business development and staff engagement. You don’t have to live near Milwaukee to benefit from such a program. Like most universities, Cardinal Stritch offers online learning, meaning you can earn this certificate from your Mom’s couch.

Trade schools are another good idea for those who are unsure of their path but know they wanted to start yesterday. You could become a licensed cosmetologist, a mechanic or even a dental assistant through such programs. All of which can be achieved in less than a year.

While trade schools tend to be more hands on and offer less in the way of online learning, there are opportunities to complete some of your courses online. The great thing about trade schools is you can find them all over the country so location really isn’t as big of a deal.

Another benefit to these types of programs is job placement. Many of the schools that offer certificates will aid you in your quest for a career. A lot of them make a guarantee for a job upon completion. This is a big promise but one that they keep. For those that don’t assure you will have immediate work do so as a precaution, however your educators will do their part so long as you are doing yours.

Finally there is a drastic price difference in earning a degree and a certificate of completion. Neither route is “cheap” but one year of schooling is much more feasible than 4. There is funding available for both types of programs and if money is your biggest concern you could find some useful information with some continued research.

Through all of these certificates and programs you are opening the door for career advancement. Many companies offer tuition reimbursement if you are looking to move up the corporate ladder. For now you will make mom and dad proud and will feel a sense of accomplishment. It may be several years before education becomes really important for you. When that time comes you will already have a solid foundation.

Earning A Certificate is a Great Place to Start

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