Keys to Successful Sales


A client is much like a test, requiring a good amount of time and study to understand their needs and answer their questions. Start by researching the company or client you are selling to, gathering any interesting information you can. When you are gathering this information, try to answer these questions:

  • What do you know about their business?
  • Why you think your product or service would be great for them?
  • What is their demographic and how can you target it successfully?
  • What is the benefit for both parties?

The preparation stage is your opportunity to shine. If you can show that you know their business and have their best interest in mind, you’ll have made not only a great lead and potential sale, but a loyal customer for future return.

Don’t forget that part of preparation is getting a good night sleep; it will make your day that much easier and you will be that much sharper. After you wake up the next day, sit down and set up your goals for that day. This will help ensure that you don’t forget anything and that you cover all the points you want to hit during the meeting.

Listen Closely

When your client is talking be sure to listen and takes notes! This will not only help you, but it will show your client that you are organized and pay attention to detail. Make eye contact and respond often while talking, it’s easy to get distracted and nod in agreement but not really take in the information the client is presenting. It’s important to find a balance with eye contact, matching the client’s behavior but also keeping a couple points in mind: too much eye contact can make them uncomfortable and too can make them think you lack confidence or aren’t paying attention.

While you’re listening be sure to analyze the client’s speech and behaviors. You can find all sorts of clues about their personality and background that will help you with you relate to them on a personal level as well as strengthen your sales pitch. You should associate your customer’s interests and values while you are stating the benefits of your product, using their own words to reinforce why they need to buy from you.

Keep in Contact

Always follow up with your client, whether you get the sale or not. If you did land the sale its nice to catch any problems early so you can fix them before your customer gets frustrated, and if you didn’t land the sale, you will be far more likely to have the client return to you in the future if you’re still in contact. This will increase your customer satisfaction and turn customers into loyal friends to continue business.

Keys to Successful Sales

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