When Failure Isn’t an Option: Coping With the Stresses of Starting Your Own Business

There’s no doubt about it; starting your own business isn’t always as glamorous as many people would like to believe. In fact, for first time entrepreneurs, there are few things as daunting and stressful as putting your immediate financial future on

the line to follow a dream. While there are no absolute guarantees of success when beginning any business venture, there are a few things the new business owner can do to troubleshoot and maintain their sanity when everything seems to be going wrong.

1. Be able to admit when a strategy just isn’t working.
All too often we tend to stick to a strategy that simply isn’t cutting it. When you’ve devoted a great deal of time and effort to devising a particular approach, it’s difficult to divorce yourself from it.

When the numbers just aren’t adding up, realize where your weak point lies. Be honest with yourself. Is it your marketing strategy? Are you disorganized? Do people even want the service you’re trying to sell them? If they don’t, how do you convince them otherwise?

Re-evaluating your course early on will save you bundles in the future. You’re not the only one who makes these mistakes. We’ve all seen examples of Fortune 500 executives making multi-million dollar blunders. Move ahead knowing you can do better in the future.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.
While it’s important to keep your business true to your vision, there’s nothing like a little old-fashioned advice to help you troubleshoot. It’s unlikely that you’re encountering a completely unheard of obstacle. Someone somewhere has faced it before and, especially if they’re already retired, that someone will probably give you free advice. Even if you don’t take their advice, you have the opportunity to approach the problem from a different perspective. Who knows, their advice might trigger an epiphany.

3. Worrying doesn’t solve anything.
I know that this piece of advice is easier said than done. Worrying takes energy and time. It keeps you up at night when you should be sleeping and eats your energy reserves when you need them for doing something productive. Whenever you start to worry too much about the future of your business, close your eyes. Allow the worry to wash over you and out of your mind. Repeat this exercise whenever necessary and you’ll find that your productivity will increase dramatically.

4. Keep your eyes on your vision.
It’s easy to become so caught-up in the mundane details of running a business, all the while forgetting why you started it in the first place. Did you do it for the challenge? Was it for the love of providing that particular type of service? Did you want to work from home or break into a new market?

Keeping your original dream in the back of your mind encourages you to develop dreams for the future. The soul of your business dies when you no longer have a vision of what it could be and instead remain content with what it is.

When Failure Isn’t an Option: Coping With the Stresses of Starting Your Own Business

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