27 Ways – How to Make Money Online

Money, apparently a combo of five alphabets, serves the purpose of oxygen for all the activities of an individual. It is indispensable to meet not only the basic necessities but also to enjoy the extravagance & lavish commodities. Contrary to “Money cannot buy happiness” it can surely alleviate the level of miseries in life. Thus it is imperative to do whatever could be done to make as much money as possible to revel in and lap up in life. Though there are several ways – how to make online, a few important ones are listed below.

1. Freelancing

In our list How to make money online, Freelancing is at number one. Self-employment and independence without long term commitment to a particular employer are alluring and enchanting perks of freelancing. Hundreds of categories including journalism, publishing, screenwriting, editing, photography, event planning, event management, copy editing, proofreading, author editing, indexing, copy writing, computer programming, web design, graphic design, website development, consulting and many more makes it convenient for an individual to work in his particular area of interest and specialty and earn as much as he wants to.

2. ‘Visit to Earn’ Site

There are many sites which provide effortless and undemanding way to earn for the ones who do not possess much expertise. They get paid for just clicking the given links. Indeed students could not ask for something convenient than this to manage along with their busy schedule of course-work.

3. Blogging

Blogging particular way of earning is a treat for creative minds. It will satisfy both their passion and desire for money. Different websites and portals can be created to share information on different categories. It requires skills like search engine optimization, social media marketing, writing, editing etc. Once a blog is created, making money is no more a raw deal.

4. Part-time job

Working for fewer hours has always been the first priority of majority of students to meet up their expenses. Most importantly it covers a wider range of options. One can work in accord with the availability of time and skills. Flexibility in schedule without effecting commitment to primary work are the added benefits.

5. Become a Photographer

If someone owns a single camera, money making is not a big deal at all. The only pre-requisite along with having a camera is the passion and zeal to share your vision and help people look at the world with your eye. With the advent of digital cameras and several photo editing softwares, photography has become painless and so does money making. Companies need images for their websites and several other projects. If your captured image is selected by a company you will be paid a handsome amount in reward. You can make your own website and sell your high quality photos by keeping on that website. So, it would be also the way how to make money online.

6. Become a Tutor

It is one of the most respectable, notable and noble professions that provides an opportunity to pay back to community and also make money for yourself. It provides flexibility in timings as compared to fixed routine of office-work. There one gets a chance to meet-up with student and besides teaching him artistic skills a tutor adds in the character building of its student. There exists a lot of options depending on your core speciality and area of interest. One can teach academic as well as non-academic skills like music, guitar playing, drawing etc.

7. Sales-man

Job responsibilities would include finding out customers’ needs, describing salient features of a product effectively, demonstrating the use of the item and encouraging and convincing a customer to buy the item.The more you convince the customers to purchase, more profit you would made for yourself.

8. Buy and Sell Automobiles

If you are eternally in love with the cars and has got a special taste in the choice of car you can sense the presence of gem in the rough. Buy used cars from your friends and family members at a cost that is most reasonable to you and with little finishing this can be sold at much better rate helping you generate a hand full of profit.

9. Rent-a-car

If you have a car or more in your possession and you reside in a busy city area or near an airport, you can rent it to customers, those who do not own their own car, travelers and out-station people for short period of time ranging from few hours to few days and can charge a handsome amount for this. You can make your own website and marketing system to communicate effectively with the customers and provide a service they desire.

10. Rent your house

If you are an owner of a house you can use it conveniently for making money. A portion of it can be specified for paying guest or whole of it can be allotted to tenant. If it has got impressive and outstanding design it can be used for specifying it as a guest-house with a restaurant and a wedding hall in it.

11. Social media marketing

Especially suitable for ones who are well versed with whole hog of social media and able to design, manipulate and implement valuable schemes of marketing. One can join several companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies to help them with their social marketing campaigns to create meaningful change in the world.

12. Make videos & sell

If you feel that you have got the aptitude of a director just take your video recording device and capture the most unusual happening in your surroundings. Using your artistic and aesthetic skills go for the superlative mixing and editing. Now you have a gemstone in your hand which you can sell to get the price of your effort that you put in the creation of this masterpiece.

13. Content writing

Those who are quite at home in writing can use this skill as a mean of money making. Since ‘Content is the King’ and everyone wants it several web-based magazines, companies, organizations require professional content writers to let people know about their organization. There is a lot of freedom of technical articles covering a wide range of areas including fashion, health, business, arts and culture, academic writings, media, information technology, real estate and much more.

14. Web Designing

Students with computers as majors can conveniently go for this option. One can easily find a lot of clients who want websites to get designed for them. Since it requires professional skills for development and maintenance of websites only those who have strong background knowledge in this field can adopt it as a source of income.

15. Online surveys

Several online survey sites including Swagbucks, Global Test Market and Mysurvey offer money by completing online paid surveys anytime and anywhere. Membership is free and anyone can join simply by filling a free registration form. Online surveys is at number 15th in our list “How to make money online”.

16. Start a Small business

Dresses are always there in the top of wishlist of women. Every woman has got a special interest in wearing the best. This weakness of women could be used for making money. Using your own designing and imaginative skills exclusive dresses could be designed and placed in your own boutique for sale. This definitely will attract a large number of women from all walks of life.

17. Salon

Almost every women has the ultimate desire to look her best and mesmerize people around her with her beauty. This natural longing for beauty has made beauty-care one of the most profitable businesses of all times. Ladies who have guts to polish the beauty of their customer can either join a reputed salon as an assistant or can even open their own outlet. All that is required to make it a success is the commitment towards the clients and provision of high customer satisfaction via excellent service, products and a friendly atmosphere.

18. Handicrafts

Using your hand and simple tools a wide variety of decorative objects could be made and selling such crafts is a fantastic way to make quick money. Items include textiles, moldable and rigid materials, paperand plant fibers. Depending on your interest and skill any material could be choosen for creating masterpieces out of it.

19. Become an assistant

Office assistants’ are offered varied job duties, mostly tasks include data entry and payroll tracing. Keeping record, typing, filing, taking inventory, and sorting checks. They need to prepare documents, work with sales persons, processing mail and answer telephones. Dealing with customers and answering queries is also part of their duty. There is a switch in daily routine of an assistant depending on the customers.

20. Guiding for money

Those individuals who have adventurous nature, like travelling around and are well familiar with the whereabouts of their area, they can earn money by serving and guiding tourists and travelers that happen to visit their area. Thus your passion would become a source of your income.

21. Become an advisor

If you are a know-it-all sort of individual and have a solid grip on various topics you can join website like liveperson.com as an advisor. There you can suggest solutions to the problems of people. The more you answer, more you can earn.

22. Write Reviews

If you are updated with all the latest items in the market and have experimented it as soon as it is in the market you can give your input to the company, and get your reward for this as many companies offer discounts to product testers.

23. Join customer care

If you are good communicator and great at dealing with clients it is an excellent opportunity to utilize this skill. Core responsibilities would include answering queries, providing information, resolving problems, coming up with alternative solutions and escalating unresolved problems. This job also offers flexibility in timings and can be adopted as a part-time job.

24. Make music your source of income

If you are a music-freak and music plays all day long and night in your head it’s the time to choose a good platform where you can sing and rock the world with your voice.

25. Become a wedding planner

Wedding is the most sacred ritual in almost all cultures and all religions. With the advent of modernization people are becoming increasingly interested in making this event superior and unique than the others. Here comes the role of a wedding planner, using your aesthetic and mixing it up with never-seen-before ideas will help you establish as professional wedding planner in-demand in town.

26. Run a day-care

Ladies who have enough time available and enough space in their house and great at dealing with kids can run a home day-care center. Since it is quite painstaking and involves a great deal of responsibility regarding kid’s health and safety, it is therefore recommended that only truly committed ladies should go for this option.

27. Sell trash from your house

In our list “how to make money online” sell trash from your house is at number last. In every house there is a lot of stuff that apparently seems useless to you but its worthy of recycling. All you need to do is to locate such items in your house and mark them to be sold to local salvage yard for recycling.


In short, when you are in quick need of money, look for jobs that offer immediate money. There are several other options as well that one can do including taxi driving, hotel hospitality positions, pizza deliverer, or simply take out your old guitar and becoming a street performer.

27 Ways – How to Make Money Online

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