Guide about Making Money with Google Adsense

Google is using AdSense as their major source of revenue generation by allowing other website owners to advertise on their search result pages. These ads are displayed on the right side of the page of and you can also find these ads above free results. On a single click, publishers get 68% of revenue and Google gets 38%.

AdSense has been used most frequently by many websites to monetize their content making it the most popular network. Thus, it delivers advertising revenue to small websites that lacks in resources for developing any advertisement program. Advertisements are placed contextually on a website with the help of a brief JavaScript code given by Google Adsense. As much as three link units can be placed on a page by AdSense publishers along with three standard ad units and two search boxes. However, since premium publishers work directly with Google, they do not have to follow these restrictions.

Google Ads program is behind all this, managing and sorting all information and source of all money making with Google AdSense.

The question that arises here is that how to get the catchiest spot on our site. Well, It all depends on an auction-based system. Advertisers have to bid for the most appealing spot and those who offer the most handsome amount gets the most handsome place on the site. Also the quality of ad plays its part in determining the place-to-get.

Now, that you have displayed the text or image ads on your site, you have become entitled to a share in revenue that Google is making from AdWords. You being a publisher gets approximately 68% upon a single click, while Google gets roughly 38%.

In short, this simple concept leads to the program called as AdSense. Just display ads and get paid, simple! This seemingly simple program is great in a sense that it allows you to generate additional income from your website depending on the quality of your content.

How Much money can be made via AdSense?

Majority of people are interested in knowing how much money they can make via AdSense and what the average amount per click is. But it is a fact that the answer of this very question is best known only to Google, no one else knows it neither the publishers nor us. It all depends on how much advertisers are paying for each single ad and the commission one earns also depends on amount paid by advertisers. Publishers gets a share in that amount.

There are certain searches based on highly competitive words, searched more often, that pays more per click. In short, more competitive the search is, more would the advertiser pay rendering more chances for publisher to earn.

After logging-in to your Adsense account, it is possible for you to check the total amount of revenue that has been generated during a day, week, month or year, without even knowing the exact amount of amount generated for every single click. For instance, if you have received an amount of $ 45.00 in your account after 15 clicks that would mean you have got an average of $ 3.00 per click. By keeping a track of daily earned amount and calculating the average, it would be possible to pin point the approximate amount per click.

There are certain other factors that contribute to the amount you generate. How much traffic you have in your site, what is the interest of your audience and the compatibility between ads and the audience’s interest, also how well the ads are placed on your page make an important contribution towards the amount that you will finally make.

Since, AdSense values content a lot so you should opt for a topic for your site that you have a solid grip on. Thus it would be convenient for you to create a convincing, cogent and reliable content on that subject.

Essentials of making money with AdSense?

Thus, by far, we have come to know that making money with AdSense costs you nothing, it is absolutely free, no complex science involved in it, it is easy to use and above all you get a share of almost 68%. Inquisitive minds must be thinking what the pre-requisites to start making money with AdSense are. So, here we present a list of do’s and don’ts.

  • Choice of Niche

An important consideration while getting started with AdSense is Niche- what your site is all about. Different niches are not equally important. Some are more profit generating while others are less. For instance health, fitness, money making and finance would attract more quality traffic as compared to other niches like arts, culture or history.

  • Content rich website

Content being the most important and valuable ingredient of the recipe of money-making via AdSense, is literally loved by AdSense. As far as it comply with the policies of AdSense, there is a freedom in the choice of content. It could be text, videos or images etc.

Text is usually recommended along with images and videos so that AdSense crawler can easily get to know what the website is all about and you should write plagiarism free article.

  • You need a high quality website

Since, the focus of AdSense has always been on content, but it’s not just enough. What matters most is the quality of the content. Google would never want the ads to appear on low-quality websites. Since, they own their advertiser’s money, they demand top-notch content on top-quality website to run AdSense to make money.

  • Quantity of traffic

Along with quality another important factor is quantity of the quality traffic that happens to visit your website. This is the reason it is recommended to run AdSense on websites that have at least 300-400 visits a day. Only then you would be able to make a reasonable amount of profit. More traffic, more money.

  • Target the right keywords

Another major contributor in the success of AdSense is the choice of right keywords. If you have targeted the best keywords in your content than you can make more money. Now, the question arises what are the keywords? Those words used by advertisers for the promotion of their products and encourages visitors to click on advertisement and likely to produce an effect by conversion of costumer after they click, are called keywords.

  • Follow AdSense policies

Up till now, we have known that Google has been very serious when it comes to deal with its customers and safeguard its money. Though, they are flexible enough to let everyone get an AdSense account, but this does not mean they will not look after it afterwards. If, they found anyone guilty of not following the policies, they will not spare a second in disabling that account.

It is literally impossible to double-cross or cheat Google in any case. They have got the best team to ensure the implementation their rules and policies. Thus it is highly recommended to abide by all the rules and regulations to keep your account functional.

  • Made for AdSense only, website are not recommended

AdSense should preferably be used to make money from a website that has got a tremendous traffic. But Google usually do not favor a website that has been designed just for running AdSense. Quality of content should never be compromised for purpose of getting more traffic and using that to make money via AdSense.

  • Optimization of Ads for better CTR

For high CTR (Click Thru Rate) generation optimization and placement of ads are very important. Following points must be taken into consideration while working for making money with Google AdSense:

                 i. Appropriate ad size

AdSense offers flexibility in the choice of form and size. Ad could be in any shape like square, rectangle, button or even bar, but despite this offered relaxation, it is observed that there are only few which convert well. Google recommends 300 x 250, 338 x 280, 728 x 90, 160 x 600, and 320 x 50 size. But other available sizes could be checked via experimentation if they work best for you.

               ii. Multiple ad units

As mentioned earlier, one can run up to 3 link units, 3 ad units and 2 search boxes per page that too in different sizes. For example, choice can be made like 728 x 90 or 160 x 600 unit for under the header/the side menu and two more, for example 300 x 250 and 338 x 280 for inside the text.

There is an option to choose between text only, text and image, and image only ads. It is seen that plain text ads have given better results as compared to images which are too obtrusive to attract clicks. But you should go for your own experimentation spree to check which scheme works best for you.

              iii. Link units

Most of the people do not use link units, it can be regarded as a mistake as link units possess the potential to outperform normal ads because they are least obtrusive and more attractive when blended with menu.

Link unit can be placed under the header and under the side menu. Color scheme can be kept same as of the menu but font should ideally be different to create a discrimination from format.

              iv. AB test for color schemes and sizes

Apparently complex-sounding AB test is very simple. It is used to compare, which of the two similar unit would perform better. For instance, check two similar units that vary in one feature only i.e font color. Now, these units must be placed on the same spot. Run this test for a month and keep tracking, which unit attracts more traffic.

Why one gets disabled from AdSense

As per rule, Google is making money via advertising. Advertisers are the ones, who are being charged for every single ad appearing on your page and for every single click. Thus, Google becomes liable to keep an eye on all these activities closely. And this is what Google actually is doing, monitoring every single click minutely and meticulously especially targeting the newer accounts and ready to respond quickly on any suspicious activity.

Quite recently, lots of cases have been reported of accounts being disabled for “fraudulent or potential fraudulent click activity.”

But, again the reasons are best known to Google only as many publishers are found claiming of being fault-less. In fact, this has given rise to an air of exasperation among many AdSense publishers and eager to know what is “potential fraudulent activity” actually.

Indeed to safeguard the money invested by the advertiser, it becomes the primary duty of Google to take immediate action upon sensing anything unusual or bizarre. This is what has motivated them to disable accounts that seems to cause “potential” risk to their advertiser’s money instead of waiting and confirming the fraudulent clicks.

If, once, you are disable from AdSense you will not get any credit for any activity you have done. In fact, Google will refund that money to their advertiser.

If you are interested in knowing the scale with the help of which you could gauge the number of times you have performed “potential fraudulent clicks”, it is unfortunate to announce that Google has not disclosed any such parameter that would help you to get to know about it before hand.

Indeed all these activities are automated without prior warning. What annoys most is the fact that you could not make any appeal anywhere and there is no way to reach out the Google high-ups.

But despite getting frustrated, it must be kept in mind that by agreeing to their term and conditions while signing up, we have given a right to Google to do whatever and whenever they feel appropriate. When they feel something out-of-ordinary they definitely will go for every possible measure to protect their money. They would never want the money being wasted on fraudulent or potential fraudulent clicks.

Google never makes any commitment to us, no guarantees and no promises thus upon sensing risk, you will be deprived of your Google AdSense account, in fact, everyone is at risk all the time. Though, it is difficult to digest, but such is life.

System might have got loop-holes or who they have banned might be guilt-less, but you have to agree to the ultimate boss Google upon joining AdSense to make any money.


When you talk with respect to online money making, AdSense appeals you as the most reliable, authentic and an easiest way. It enables you to generate a handsome amount as your monthly revenue, if you follow all the rules and regulations and meet all the criterias. All you need is your time, solid and valid content utilized in the most appropriate manner.

Though, AdSense is great to be used as a source of income but, despite its perks it carries a sword of Damocles hanging over your head all the time i.e. being disabled anytime without prior warning and even without doing anything wrong.

Thus, it is rightly said that you should not rely wholly and solely on Google AdSense for money making as it does not make you millionaire overnight, but with luck and knowledge it could be used as a stable source of income. But, thinking that since you have joined you are guaranteed to make big money is not right either. If, you are not doing any regular job then you must look for alternative ways of income generation.

Guide about Making Money with Google Adsense

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