How to Gain Respect From Your Employees

Getting the respect from your employees is something I see new managers and entrepreneurs struggle to get. It is not easy, it could be your youth, inexperience in handling people, maybe you are too passive and people just seem to be able to walk all

over you. Whatever it is you need to correct it, you will find it very hard to succeed unless you have your team behind you helping you reach your objectives. So here are some tips that I have used to gain the respect we all so desire!

Be Consistent

If you are a hard-nosed say it like it is type person, act that way. The worst thing you can do is act differently to different people or situations. This can

cause confusion amongst your team and cause them to not know what to expect from you which will not bode well for you in getting everyone to work together and take your assignments to them seriously.

The point is to be consistent, don’t confuse people as it will hinder they way they produce and may even alienate them from you. The last thing you want to do is to drive good people away!


Keep an open flow of communication with everyone on your team, people really don’t like to be left in the dark or be the last one to know. Also leave your “door open” as much as you can and be approachable, some great ideas have been brought to my attention that have helped me because I am always open to communicate with my people. Also it will encourage your team to be more open with each other and create a better and more productive working environment!

Be Fun!

This is a fine line topic, but I think it is very important. People will want to work for someone they like to be around. I am not saying to be goofy all the time, especially in situations that require all seriousness. But talk with people about things that interest people on your team, run some fun contests that people really enjoy competing in, and really show that you have a lighter side!

Get Dirty!

If you expect your team to do something, you should be more than willing to do it yourself as well. I have scrubbed toilets, stocked shelves and mopped floors in the name of getting things done. When people realize you have that much pride in your job they will garner more pride in their job and will respect that you do not hold yourself at a higher standard. Get down and dirty if the need arises, not only will you gain respect but you will get some face time with your people and know your business from top to bottom.


When I was first promoted and had a team I didn’t know all of this, and I almost failed miserably. It was until I went to my mentor and asked where I was going wrong, why I was unable to to get people preforming for me. She told me all of the tips I explained above and I implemented them right away, it took some adjustment time but in the end it worked. When I train new managers I always go over these points to help them right from the start. If you think I have missed something please tell me in the comments below, I always love new tips!

How to Gain Respect From Your Employees

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