Preparing Students for the Technology-Based Future by Closing the Digital Divide

Attempting to run a business without the use of modern technology is essentially setting yourself up for failure in today’s digital world. In a sense, modern consumers have been spoiled by the convenience that technology offers them when purchasing a product or service. Why call one auto mechanic when another service features everything the consumer needs to know on the company’s website? And why shop at this boutique when I can visit another’s website and get what I need shipped right to my door?

First and foremost, the advancement of technology has helped heat up competition among businesses of all kinds, and the company that attracts the most customers isn’t always the best out there. To keep up with this competition and earn a place among other companies on social networking platforms, apps, and elsewhere on the Internet, it’s important to keep learning about the latest technologies throughout your business education.

Tech Tools to Look Out For

As a small business owner, keeping up with modern technology can be a costly endeavor. Fortunately, recent advancements such as cloud computing have allowed entrepreneurs to take advantage of the latest technological developments without going over a strict budget. According to Ed

Oswald, owner of a small freelance writing and media consulting business, cloud computing helps to reduce his technology expenses by offering 5 GB of free storage space for keeping records with important business information. In addition to saving a few bucks, Oswald claims that cloud computing offers even more convenience by being available anywhere and anytime.

Social networking is another important technology-based tool that no small business can successfully function without. Essentially any Internet presence will do, but social networking offers the most cost-effective solution for businesses on a budget. By maintaining a presence on each of the biggest social media sites out there (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc.), your company can successfully connect with your target audience without having to spend a lot of money.

Focusing on Technology in the Classroom

Introducing students to technology early on in their education is one of the most effective ways educators can prepare future entrepreneurs and small business owners for the technology-dependent professional world. Whether it’s through online courses or flipped classrooms, institutions across the country are recognizing the vital importance of equipping students with a strong understanding of various technological tools. These media are not merely used as a different outlet to share information with students, but are simultaneously teaching students how to use technological methods in the real world.

Educators are starting to realize that knowing how to successfully operate technological devices is a fundamental part of a student’s education in the modern world. In fact, many schools are starting to make online courses a requirement for students to graduate. Since nearly every business today has an online component, hopeful entrepreneurs without this knowledge can easily get left behind. As technology develops and different devices and media become available, entrepreneurs have a responsibility to keep up—either through a formal educational program or by learning through personal experience.

Preparing Students for the Technology-Based Future by Closing the Digital Divide

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