10 Amazing Ways to Monetize Youtube Videos

Thousands of people, from kids to old, have utilized youtube to be their main income stream since it has a lot to offer.

No matter if you have failed in your youtube mission or you are just planning to start a new, this guide has come at a right time for you. Here we have listed all the monetizing methods of youtube videos to fill up your pockets with passive income.

10 Amazing Ways to Monetize Youtube Videos

Youtube Partner Program

This is an inbuilt system provided by youtube to share the revenue with video publishers which they get from the showing ads in their videos. However, this program is available to people of few countries only. These countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The program works on the basis of CPM, i.e. revenue is given when the videos and hence ads get every 1000 views. And this CPM rate differs from country to country and is also setup by the location of the users viewing your videos.

The Youtube Network

Have you been not selected for Youtube Partner Program for any reason? Then it’s time to try this one. This is also a cool way to monetize youtube videos as this includes independent marketing networks that work on youtube marketing and share their revenue with you which they earn through your videos.

All you need to do is to look for a youtube network and apply. If your channel is focused on the videos related to the niche that networks are looking for and you receive good views and engagements on videos you publish, you’ll be accepted by them.

Paid Content

The paid content service of Youtube allows you to rent or sell your videos or channel. In easy language, people need to pay for watching the videos which have been set under this service by the video owner.

The terms and conditions of subscription, renting or buying the videos/channel are described by the channel on their pages.

To start with the Paid Content service, you have to switch on this feature from the ‘Status and Feature’ setting.

To earn through this service, you need to fulfill some basic criteria like your channel should be an active one with a decent amount of audience, you should be from one of the countries listed for this scheme, and also, must have Adsense enabled.

Getting Sponsorships

The easiest way to earn money without any kind of hassle is to get paid by the sponsors. The method is best for those video creators who are not from the countries that are eligible for Youtube Partnership program.

The main work is getting the sponsors, and for that you need to have a decent audience (atleast 1000 subscribers recommended for having good sponsors) which remains well engaged with your content. Mostly, the sponsors look for channels in their niche so that they would target the specific audience which will serve as their potential customers. Even if your niche is somewhat different, you can still get the sponsorship if you convince them that you will create new videos which will directly or indirectly praise their product or service.

There are also many companies working in this regard. They will help you to connect with the new sponsors for the commission. One such company is Famebit.

Making ‘How-To’ Video Tutorials

Whenever you want to know anything, what you do? You just open the internet and search it in Google or Youtube. Everyone would agree that video tutorials are much easier than the text ones. Hence, Youtube is the source of many a-to-z guides and full ‘how-to’ tutorials those bring the channel lot of views and subscribers.

The only thing to note is to select a specific niche and post videos only of that. For example, you just can’t publish videos of food recipe and laptop repair method in a same channel. Just stick to a niche to make audience realize that you are an expert in your niche and your videos really work.

Creating Video Reviews

No matter you are a book lover, a tech geek, a movie enthusiast or a game lover, you always evaluate the effectiveness of a product after you use it, don’t you. Well, everyone does. Now, what about sharing your experience of a product or service with people around the globe to earn yourself money, isn’t that cool?

Soon after a movie is released, you see hundreds of review being published in several sites and also youtube. You can do the same and that too, in the niche you posses passion.

A 9 year old kid, with a youtube channel named ‘EvanTubeHD’ , earns about $1.3 million per year by just reviewing toys. You know, inspiration can come from anyone of any age.

You can chose tech gadgets like laptops or mobiles, fashion wear, movies, or basically any products. But, just try to post a review as soon as the product is launched to be ahead in the competition.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote the product of anyone and earn commission. Yes, you need to create videos explaining the need of any product/service to the potential customers. And if you are able to convince them to buy the product and they eventually buy, you are going to earn commission.

This can be linked to the above mentioned ‘Review Videos’ but the approach in this must be to somehow get the people buy the product.

You can promote web services, ebooks, wso, online courses and basically anything that will earn you a good commission.

Youtube +Wordpress ads

You can collaborate WordPress with Youtube for easy monetization. If you are a blog creator and are planning to make video version of it, this is a boon for you.

Display the banner-ads in your youtube videos that are embedded in your blog posts or pages.

Fan funding

This is a just a way to get funds from those who have become fans of your videos and work. Youtube allows you to receive funds from your fans those are willing to pay just to support you in your business.

All you need is to take care of the eligibility required to get this feature which you can check in youtube settings.

Be a Brand

Once your videos start to become hit, it’s time to scale up your business. You need to become a authority in your niche to get to the top-most level in youtube business. And then, success will catch you.

10 Amazing Ways to Monetize Youtube Videos

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