5 Qualities Investors Look For

If you are an entrepreneur looking to get your start, chances are you will need a little help getting things going when it comes to finances. It is not always easy to get all of the money to start your first (or even second) business together, so you may need to seek investors to help your ideas come to fruition.

Investors are looking for ways to help grow their financial resources it’s what they do. So how do you get someone to believe in you and ultimately help fund your business? Here is a short list of qualities that investors are looking for when they are deciding who to invest in.


Whether you are attempting to use a fresh perspective regarding an outdated business model, or are trying something completely new, realize that investors are more likely to invest in something that helps bring a freshness to the market. Standing out and bringing something new to the table can help you get a leg up on your potential competition. Try and find something unique about your proposal and make that your emphasis.


You want to be able to show that you have thoroughly thought everything out before bringing your ideas to a prospective investor. This can make all the difference in the world; anticipating problems and their solutions will give investors the peace of mind they are looking for when it comes to giving to money to get started. Show that you have planned and forecasted effectively and you will be sure to win them over.


No one will give you money to start your business if they don’t feel that you can be fully trusted. This means that you need to be willing to share everything related to your ideas about the business with the investor. Of course, this too can be tricky you don’t want to share everything if there’s a possibility that you might not get the proper funding. This is where you will need to evaluate the relationship in order to take it to the next level.


This is an extremely important aspect of the relationship and cannot be understated. From proposals to communication and time management, you must show this investor through your actions that you are the right person for them to invest in. Always be punctual and have everything you will need for meetings, etc. Being prepared for everything you may encounter is something that requires practice. Make sure all communication is conveyed as precisely as possible. Don’t create doubt through a lack of preparation.

Stay Positive

Attitude is another thing that is very important to investors. Success doesn’t happen for people who waste undue time on things that don’t matter. Keeping yourself organized and anticipating what’s around the corner is part of every business person’s toolkit. Don’t let them see your stress, even if you are really feeling it. Stay calm, positive, and in control at all times.

5 Qualities Investors Look For

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