How to save energy in the office

Offices are full of essential powered equipment, appliances and machines. However, these electronics are energy eating robots. Computers, printers, shredders, copiers, coffee machines, lights, heating… The list is endless. All these electronics use energy, which can be very pricey and bad for the environment.  However, there are very simple ways to reduce the amount of […]

3 Great Ways to Automate Your Small Business Marketing

Running a small business takes a lot of time and energy. Between the many tasks and crises that constantly surface and the stress of maintaining everyday operations, a business can be stretched thin. And though marketing is one of the essential ingredients to keep a small business successfully running, many owners find it difficult or […]

The 5 Types of Small Business Marketing You Should Outsource

Small business owners have plenty on their plates. And though marketing is an important part of the business picture that many owners can — and should — take part in, there are some areas of marketing that are better left to professionals. As Harvard Professor Gail McGovern points out, “The benefits of outsourcing your marketing include cost […]

Scratch “Marketing” From Your Social Media Vocabulary

As more people flock to social media sites every day, a roadblock is developing that is obstructing a company’s ability to achieve their goals: people on social media are there to enjoy and share, not for your business message. They may understand based upon their experience with television, print, and radio that advertising is a […]

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